With so many things to do in Dorset, from the magnificent, ancient coast to the mystical landscape, get the best from your next tour with our travel guide

Things to Do In Dorset

Dorset is a lovely area for a holiday in the southwest of England and it is well known for its Jurassic Coast. The coast of Dorset is long and stretches along the English Channel and the cliffs in this area contain a range of fossils and rock formations. As well as the rich geology there is also a vast array of attractions and things to see in Dorset.

Things to Do in Dorset When It’s Raining

Dorset has a number of great indoor attractions therefore rain does not need to cause a problem. The best indoor attractions in this area includes the teddy bear museum, the tank museum, dinosaur museum, Weymouth sea life and Poole pottery.

Teddy Bear Museum

The teddy bear museum is a very cute museum and it is home to Edward Bear and his family of teddy bears that are human sized. There are some very old teddies and there are some modern bears also, which shows how they have changed over the years. The collection also includes some antique bears, some modern bears and also some famous bears. The museum has a shop therefore you could even add to your own teddy bear collection.

The Tank Museum

The tank museum is a great day out for the whole family and the museum is home to an extensive collection of tanks which date from modern day all the way back to 1915. The displays will teach you about the history of the tanks, how they were used in battle, how they changed warfare and the advances in tank engineering.

Russell Cotes Art Gallery and Museum

Another attraction worth a visit is the Russell Cotes art gallery and Museum. This museum was once a seaside villa gifted to Merton Russell-Cotes from his wife on his birthday and it is full of lovely objects that he gathered on his world travels. This museum shows the house as it was then and is preserved in this way to show people what it was like during this period of time.

Days Out for Couples in Dorset

There is a range of things for couples to enjoy in Dorset and all tastes are catered for in this area.

Castletown D-Day Centre

Keen historians may be interested in the Castletown D-Day centre and this will enable you to relieve the experience of the D-day. This attraction is an authentic recreation of the busy dockyard from wartimes on the Isle of Portland, which was embarked by thousands of American troops in 1944.

Sherborne Abbey

Sherborne Abbey is also worth a visit. This abbey was founded by St Aldhelm in 705 AD and over the years it has developed from a Saxon cathedral to one England’s most attractive parish churches.

Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park

For couples who prefer animals related attractions the Dorset heavy horse farm park is well worth a visit. At this farm park you can enjoy a walk around looking at the horses and then you can enjoy a ride in a horse drawn carriage prior to relaxing in the café and enjoying some delicious food and beverages.

Jurassic Safari

Jurassic Safari offers a great way to relax and site back whilst enjoying going off the beaten track of the Dorset countryside and you may even be lucky enough to get up close to the some of the local wildlife.

Places to Visit in Dorset For Free

Dorset is home to a number of incredible attractions and beaches that can be explored by people on a budget.

Durlston County Park

Durlston Country Park national nature reserve has two hundred and eighty acres of countryside which offers walking trails, stunning views and some fascinating wildlife therefore it is well worth a visit.

Studland Beach

Studland Beach is a lovely part of the natural coastline and it has four miles of golden sand and bathing waters.

Maiden Castle

Maiden Castle is worth taking the time to see, as it is a fine example of a hill fort dating back to the Iron Age. This castle provides a stunning example of large scale earth works with complicated entrances. This attraction covers an area that is bigger than fifty football pitches.

Days Out for Families in Dorset

Dorset is a great area for families as there is a lot of things to see and do.

Adventure Wonderland

For families that enjoy the active lifestyle a trip to Adventure Wonderland is a must. This facilities takes you on a trip around the world and encourages you to use your imagination. This attraction offers more than thirty rides which will have people dashing from one area to another and chasing their next thrill. One of the rides is Jungle Falls log flume which will see you plummet down the jungle where you need to fend of crocodiles and monkeys followed by tumbling through the rapids.

Monkey Madness

Another attraction that will be a hit with children is Monkey Madness, which is an indoor play area. The attraction has a play area for the little ones and a separate area for the older children. The little ones play area is completely fenced and has a gate which ensures that the young children stay in and also keeps the older children out. There is a large main frame that can be enjoyed by children of all ages and it has a huge slide with four lanes. There is plenty at this facility to keep children entertained for hours.

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