Channel Islands

There’s plenty to see and do in the Channel Islands. Our Channel Isles Travel Guide will help you find the way whilst on tour

The Channel Islands have long been a popular holiday destination. The rich mix of culture, history, and countryside provide an insatiable blend that motorhomers just can’t resist…

Sitting off the coast of Normandy in the English Channel and with a population of around 160,000, the archipelago is divided into the two Bailiwicks of Guernsey and Jersey, each with its own set of islands that belong to them.

History Of The Channel Islands

The Channel islands are not officially part of the UK although the residents are considered to be British citizens. The two main islands are separate from each other in terms of laws and media but they do share the same TV station, for example.

The islands are steeped in history dating back to the days of Willliam the Conqueror when they were given to the English Crown and up to World War II when parts of the islands were occupied by the Germans. There is also a strong maritime history linked to the islands and visitors can enjoy finding out about shipwrecks, museums and lighthouses on the islands.

Things to Do In The Channel Islands

If you are exploring the islands looking for museums, gardens, wildlife, parks and beaches then you won’t be disappointed with what the islands have to offer the whole family. Below is just a taster of the attractions you can find:

  • Elizabeth Castle is a 300 year old castle positioned on St Aubin’s Bay and is a very popular tourist attraction in Jersey. It is named after Elizabeth I who was the monarch at the time of its construction in the 16th century. There is a Castle ferry for visitors or you can walk along the causeway when the tide is low.
  • Jersey War Tunnels are available for visitors to see and feel what happened on the island when it was under German occupation during World War II. The tunnels are built into the hill sides and contain a sobering reminder of the events that took place there.
  • Blue Bell Woods, Candie Gardens and Delancey Park are all located in Guernsey where visitors can also enjoy island hopping to Shell beach and other destinations on the islands of Alderney and Sark.

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