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Session encourages men to open up

The challenges of masculinity were under the spotlight at a special seminar at Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld to mark International Men’s Day.

Gurvinder Singh Rana, the newly-appointed HR assistant at Travelworld, led the session at our Stafford base.

Gurvinder presenting International Men's Day

The aim of the afternoon was to encourage men to open up about their problems and emotions and to acknowledge areas where they are slipping into stereotypes of toxic masculinity.

Gurvinder said: “It was fantastic to celebrate International Men’s Day recently by holding this session for 15 male members of the team.

“We explored everything from gender roles, masculine energy and toxic masculinity. There were some great discussions and everyone was fully engaged.

“Studies show that the most important thing is men forget the nonsensical belief that boys don’t cry and learn to open up about emotions, concerns and problems.Celebrating International Men's Day

“The motorhome business is fast-paced, particularly at the moment, so it sometimes feels there is no time to stop and reflect. Hopefully this session has given our male colleagues a chance to do that and I believe everyone went away with a greater understanding of both the pressures and the responsibilities of being a man in today’s society.”

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