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The Carthago Brand

Headed up by Managing Director, Karl Heinz-Schuler, this successful German motorhome company has built up a reputation over the last 30 years to become synonymous with coveted and bespoke designs.

Instead of utilising a long production line Carthago uses the hand crafted skills of individual joiners who have been classically trained.

Carthago has not just created motorhomes for the summer climates but also for cooler temparatures. The walls and ceilings are insualted with high quality material and water related functions are frost protected.

Carthago has taken one of the leading roles in industry manufacturing by fully embracing the customer’s thoughts. So much so that the end product is hailed as the customers‘ creation.

There are both intergrated an non intergrated products available.


For the more passionate and Cathargo enthusiast it is possible to have a tour of the factory which is open to visitorsin Schmalegg plant and the Chic range in Deisenfang, Germany. The factory also recently added a customers service centre.

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