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Auto Trail Vehicle Ranges

There are three main ranges under the Auto Trail umbrella of motorhomes:


The most compact of models starting from 6.10 m in length going up to 7.6 m. This range includes models: RS; EKS; RB and FB


There are 3 main models including the 632; the 634 and the 700. A variety of layout options and high end specifications are available in this mid-scale set of motorhomes


This is the largest set of motorhomes within the Auto-trail brand, designed for covering long distances in comfort and style. There are 10 models available including the Delaware, Dakota and Scout.

These ranges aim to cover the needs of almost every kind of motorhome enthusiast. Unique and practical design engineering is at the heart of Auto-trail homes which is why, for instance there has been a recent addition of the panoramic roof light to all ranges, offering a full span of natural light by night or day. Over cab spaces now come in all different sizes and shapes as a result of careful design and thought by Auto-trail’s skillful design experts.

Other Auto Trail features and benefits

  • Low carbon emissions
  • Fuel efficient engines
  • Versatile seating options including swivel seats
  • A diverse range of lighting options including ambient lighting, spot lights and adjustable lighting

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