Motorhome Windscreens

American motorhome windscreens comprise of two layers of glass with a layer of laminate in between. Chipping is one of the major causes of windscreen damage; when moisture gets inside the chips it can cause grooves and cracks that can cover the whole expanse of the windscreen if not treated promptly.

The chances of the windscreen cracking are minimised if a scratch has only touched the surface of the first layer and not reached the laminate in between.

A lot of chips on a windscreen or windshield can be repaired through being polished out but there are some cases where a replacement is necessary.

What Causes RV Windscreen Damage?

Windscreen damage can be caused by gravel or stones flying up from loosely laid roads. Poor weather conditions can also present a risk, particularly hailstorms and high winds.

Like most things, prevention is better than cure so it is advisable that you clean your wiper blades often and when storing your American RV, you should raise the wiper blades to prevent any dirt build up during the winter months.

It is imperative to keep the windscreen of your RV in top condition to prevent as much as possible, having to replace it but also for safety purposes.

RV Windscreen Repair Facts

  • In some cases chips can be too large to warrant being repaired and it is necessary to get a new RV windscreen
  • If a chip is positioned on the windscreen directly opposite the driver then it must be a certain size to be considered ‘repairable’
  • If it is not in the line of the driver then the chip is allowed to be bigger for a repair job
  • All chips need to be 6 cm away from the edge of the windscreen to be repaired
  • Repairs can often be better because it saves you having to claim on your insurance for a replacement, leaving you no claims bonus untouched

Getting Your RV Windshield Replace Or Repaired With Travelworld Motorhomes

Travelworld can supply American motorhome windscreens for all makes and models. As well as windshields we are also able to repair and replace roof lights and side windows.

We understand at Travelworld that your RV is your pride and joy and we make sure that your vehicle is treated with the utmost care and attention.

If you would like more information then please contact us on 0844 808 4938.

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