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Uprating Your Motorhome With Goldschmitt

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Driving an overloaded vehicle is a serious breach of the law. If you need to legitimately increase the permissible weight allowance for your motorhome then this is possible by uprating your vehicle. Uprating your motorhome the Goldschmitt way is simple.

Every different motorhome model has limits as to what kind of weight it can carry and how this weight needs to be distributed throughout the vehicle. Overloading and incorrect weight distribution can seriously affect the performance and handling of your vehicle; stopping distances and general safety are also put into jeopardy if you don’t comply with the legal standards.

Ways Of Uprating Your Vehicle With Goldschmitt

Raising the permissible gross vehicle weight of your motorhome can be achieved with the simple installation of an additional spring. Once you have gained the approval to do it, you can also uprate by increasing your axle load and gross vehicle weight. Other ways to uprating your motorhome include the fitting of:

Goldschmitt uprating is possible on a number of different motorhomes with a number of different solutions i.e. leaf springs, auxiliary springs, coil springs and full air springs. These include:

  • Fiat Ducato
  • Ford Transit
  • Isuzu D-Max
  • Iveco Daily
  • VW Amorok

The Weight Restrictions

Driving a lightweight class vehicle with a weight less than 3.5 tonnes has a number of different advantages meaning that you pay less at tolls and there a fewer restrictions when it comes to ferries. However, sometimes you simply need to be able to carry more weight if you want to take the items that will make your holiday.

Uprating Your Vehicle With Goldschmitt And Travelworld

If you are interested in uprating your motorhome then please speak to one of our experienced Goldschmitt experts a Travelworld. There are a number of different factors involved in the uprating process and each model is different so it is worthwhile speaking to one of our sales team. Please call into our showroom or call us on 0844 880 4938 if you would like more information and advice on our Goldschmitt products.

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CALL 01785 878787 ORSend us an enquiry