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Goldschmitt Auxiliary Air Springs

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Goldschmitt auxiliary air springs are high quality air springs which sit between the axle and the vehicle frame. Intended to supplement normal steel-suspension, the air springs balance out the load capacity of a vehicle, raise the rear end of a vehicle and they are also able to improve the driving experience.

What Do Auxiliary Air Springs Do?

A basic definition of an auxiliary air spring system is a design which lifts up the rear of a vehicle so that there is enough room for a spring to move and be flexible, to allow for a more comfortable journey.

A cockpit control unit and a compressor form part of the air spring system so that air pressure can be easily monitored during travel. As an option, you may add an illuminated air pressure gauge with an integrated air pressure warning. Details such as axle shape and wheel configuration will need to be relayed to the person fitting your air spring system as there can be several different Transit model variations within a series.

Goldschmitt Air Springs For Compact Motorhomes

Compact motorhomes with a Fiat Ducato chassis come with a double spring leaf spring affair and shock absorbers. The comfort levels can decrease when the vehicle is unladen and in part-load range, according to some motorhomers. The Goldschmitt Comfort Air Spring can assist with this issue to provide maximum comfort. Air Springs for Compact Motorhomes are meant for panel vans with rear axle loads of up to 2000 kg (max). There is compressor cab control unit in order to measure air pressure in the air bags from the cab area.

Folding Bellow Systems

Folding Bellow Systems can be purchased as 6 or 8 inch versions and are there to aid an existing suspension, providing both comfort and safety simultaneously. The Folding Bellow System has a larger chamber volume which helps with an increased payload. The 8 inch system has been designed specifically for Ducato along with the initiation of the 3 ton weight limit. Because of the pressure on the weight load it has become more important to develop a stronger air spring system like this.

Goldschmitt Auxiliary Air Springs At Travelworld Motorhomes

Our experienced service team at Travelworld Motorhomes are Goldschmitt experts and can offer advice and support on all aspects of suspension for your motorhome. Please call our team on 0844 880 4938 if you would like to know more about our Goldschmitt products and suspension systems.


“With regards the Goldschmidt front springs- what a difference!
Even the appalling surface of the M54 was bearable and I floated up the M6.
Cornering is much improved and the ride is MUCH smoother and quieter.
They should fit them as standard…”

Dr P.G.

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