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Goldschmitt Air Suspension

As the only Goldschmitt franchised dealership in the U.K. Travelworld are delighted to introduce the ultimate driving experience – Goldschmitt air suspension.

Hydraulic Self-levelling systems

At the press of a button Goldschmitt Self-levelling automatically puts your vehicle on a completely level plane without any fuss. It is the only system available today that has a built in safety mechanisms that lock the legs in place making the system safe so you can work underneath the vehicle whilst it is up in the air.

Manual over-ride allows the operator to lift either side or either end of the vehicle simply by holding down a single button, great for changing punctured tyres or draining a waste tank.

Road Spring replacement & upgrade

Goldschmitt manufacture Road suspension coil springs for most vehicles, does your Motorhome look low at the front are the front tyres almost touching the wheel arches? Goldschmitt and Travelworld have a number of solutions, upgrading the front coil springs will lift the front wheel arch by at least 50mm from the tyre.

Road Springs

Rear Air-suspension & Full vehicle Air-suspension upgrade

Goldschmitt at Travelworld offer the opportunity to remove the present suspension system fitted on your vehicle and replace it with state of the art rear or complete vehicle Air-suspension.

The vehicle will always ride at the pre-determined ride height, no matter the payload or the way a vehicle is loaded. At the press of a button the operator can drop the vehicle suspension to its minimum setting for ease of loading or maximum height setting for added clearance on boarding ferries etc.

Goldschmitt At Travelworld

Travelworld Telford is the only Goldschmitt franchised dealership in the U.K and are located in Shropshire right at the heart of central England.


“With regards the Goldschmidt front springs- what a difference!
Even the appalling surface of the M54 was bearable and I floated up the M6.
Cornering is much improved and the ride is MUCH smoother and quieter.
They should fit them as standard…”

Dr P.G.

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CALL 01785 878787 ORSend us an enquiry