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Dometic Portable Cooling

Dometic Portable Cooling

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Dometic can bring to you a range of different coolers in different sizes and with different capabilities, all to suit your needs while motorhoming. Have a look at the Dometic products available from Travelworld:

Compressor Coolers

The coolers designed by WAECO provide top class freezing results (up to -22 degrees on some models) and they operate very efficiently. They are also quiet and able to operate on an inclined surface. They hook up to practically any mains power available on board your motorhome as well as being able to run on solar energy.

Coolfreeze CFX Series

This is a high quality cooler that is able to freeze temperatures down to – 22 degrees. It has a highly sophisticated compressor and extra insulation which allows for a reduction in energy consumption by up to 35% when compared to previous models.

Absorption Coolers

Absorption coolers provide independence; they run off both batteries and mains as well as gas. These coolers also provide generous capacities and are silent while in operation.

Combicool RC Series

The coolers in this range run on a 12 Volt supply inside your motorhome or on 230 volt mains supply at home or if you are on a campsite. If you are in a remote location, then they can also be switched to gas. Gas cartridges are also possible for use with the RC 1205 GC. This range offers volumes up to 40 litres and space for large bottles.

Passive Coolers

WAECO iceboxes are durable and robust; they are able to tackle high outside temperatures as well as dusty and muddy environments, even on a slanting surface. Because of the quality insulation which has been incorporated, when cool packs have been put inside, they will keep a variety of items fresh including fish and groceries for several days.

Thermo Electric Coolers

Thermo Electric Coolers and on-board bars are lightweight and easily transported and are priced lower. There are different models in this range with some offering cooling temperatures of 30 degrees below ambient temperature as well as additional heating function.

Tropicool Series

The TropiCool series from WAECO is versatile and high performing. Intelligent power-save is featured on all models (except the TC 07) as well as adjustable temperature display on LED. It is also possible to keep food warm ( up to + 65 degrees) by using the heating function.

Dometic And Travelworld

If you would like more information on how to purchase one of Dometic product ranges at Travelworld, please speak to a member of our team on 0844 880 4938.

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