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Dometic Air Conditioning For Motorhomes

Dometic Air Conditioning For Motorhomes

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Dometic offers a range of different kinds of air conditioning solutions for motorhomes from roof air conditioners, split air conditioners and air purifiers.

Roof Air Conditioners

Dometic’s roof air conditioners are highly efficient and adopt the principle of warm air rising up and being brought in and cooled down as the cool air sinks down naturally. If you have a standard roof opening (40 cm x 40 cm) then this air conditioning system will fit into your motorhome. The roof systems are a good way of saving space and normally fit into the area of your roof window.

Split Air Conditioners

There are two different types of split air conditioners, these are: Super flat roof units or rear wall units.

  • The CoolAir SP 950T – the evaporator is inside the super-flat roof unit
  • The CoolAir SP 9501 – on this unit the evaporator is fitted to the rear wall in the cabin area

Under Bench Air Conditioners

Dometic’s FreshWell 2000 is a slimline under-bench air conditioner that is suitable for smaller motorhomes. With this system, there are three different outlets spread throughout the inside of your vehicle. Under-bench air conditioners mean that their presence bears no effect on the outside dimension, roof load or the vehicle’s centre of gravity.
Dometic also make the HB 2500 under-bench air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Accessories

  • Protective roof light covers
  • WAECO DC-Kit-5 – Assembly Kit allows you to operate while driving
  • WAECO DC Kit-1 – 12 V operation – 30-40 A – 1000 W
  • WAECO DC-Kit-2 – 12 V operation – 100-150 A – 1600 W
  • WAECO DC Kit- 3 – 12 V operation – 30-113 A – Inverter: 197.5 x 94.3 x 376 mm
  • WAECO DC-Kit-4 –12 V operation – 50-75 A – 2300 W
  • WAECO DC-Kit-5 – 24 V operation – Assembly kit – allows you to operate air conditioner while driving
  • WAECO DC Kit – 6 – 24 V operation – 50 – 75 A – 2300 W

Air Purifiers

Dometic Breath Easy air purifiers help keep the air that you breath in as fresh and clean as possible and they are also helpful when wishing to prevent unpleasant odours in your motorhome.

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