How To Maintain Motorhome Slide Out Seals

New and used motorhomes for saleUnderstanding how to maintain motorhome slide-out seals is something a lot of motorhome owners are interested in as popularity in slide-out mechanisms rises.

Slideouts offer extra space usually in living rooms and sleeping areas and can be operated either through hydraulic, motor-driven or electric systems.

All slide outs connect via inner and outer rubber seals which are either a bulb seal or a wiper seal. The former, resembling a bike tyre and the wiper seal looking like the rubber from a windscreen wiper blade. Both these seals are important elements in preventing dirt, wind and water from getting into your motorhome.

Why is it important to maintain rubber slide out seals?

It is important to know how to maintain slide out seals as these are one of the leading causes of water leaks in motorhomes that have slide outs. Regular preventative maintenance is imperative so they don’t become a problem.

The most important part of rubber seal maintenance is to ensure they are lubricated. This should be done approximately one to two times a year.

See below some basic methods of lubricating the seals designed to help you learn more about how to maintain slide out seals on your motorhome.

  1. One option is to use baby powder and a dry cloth to slide over the full length of the slides. This creates a thick coat over the seals and helps to prevent perishing in cold weather
  2. Make sure you treat the outer gasket slides with the powder, if this is your chosen method of maintenance of your rubber seals. Add more powder as and when needed
  3. When you have finished dust off the excess powder. This will stop it from sticking to the inner wall and the paint on the outside edge of the slide
  4. An alternative to baby powder is slide out rubber seal conditioners or special gasket and slide lubricants which can be purchased from stores like Halfords
  5. Rubber rejuvenators like Armor All or Slide out Rubber Seal treatment from Protect All are a popular and inexpensive way to treat the seals
  6. Spray on the formula ( in most cases you can leave the lotion to dry
  7. Always make sure you have washed the rubber seal thoroughly before you apply any kind of lubricant or powder

Finally, make sure there are no gaps in the bottom of your rubber seals by ensuring the joints are fixed together. You only need a small space for a mouse to enter through the seals.

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