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Hymer Moves Stateside With Roadtrek Motorhomes Acquisition

Hymer has begun its move into the motorhomes market with the Roadtrek Motorhomes acquisition.

Roadtrek has a 30 % share of the North American Class B market with 90 dealers within it spanning across the states. The new company created will be named the Erwin Hymer Group North American Inc. It will be used to represent Hymer’s US and Canadian activities and its production facility will be based in Kitchener, Ontario.

Roadtrek is known as being North America’s leading manufacturer in B Class Motorhomes and the Erwin Hymer Group will be the first European manufacturer of that will enter the North American market. Making the Roadtrek motorhomes acquisition extremely important.

The HymerCar

The first vehicle which will be introduced to the market will be the HymerCar with the help of the existing Roadtrek team. The HymerCar is an ultra-compact semi-integrated vehicle which can be used as a motorhome or as a second car.

The Chairman of the Erwin Hymer Group, Martin Brandt said that the acquisition gives Hymer the opportunity to be in ‘the world’s largest RV market’. He added that it is the group’s goal to develop the position of the company as a global supplier of luxury motorhomes and caravans.

Managing Director of Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld, Ross Edwards says: “HYMER has so much to offer the motorhome market as a whole. The expansion into North America is a natural but exciting step to take and I am certain it will ignite considerable growth of the Hymer brand, stateside.

“The whole team at Travelworld, of course, wish them every success in this expansion into new territory.”

Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld stocks a range of Hymer motorhomes and camper vans. Visit our showrooms to find out more.

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