How to prepare your motorhome boiler for winter

With winter here, it’s time to prepare your motorhome to prevent boiler damage.

Camper Van Free 540 parked in the snow

Frost damage is not covered by boiler warranties, motorhome warranty or most insurers, and with Alde, the heating system manufacturer for motorhomes and caravans, saying boiler repairs can cost an average of £1,000, it’s important to act.

Simply by draining down the fresh water, you can save yourself the hassle of a damaged boiler – and a hefty bill.

The Alde central heating can be used without fresh water in the system, which means no damage will be incurred. Instead, it recommends that rather than leaving the heating on, experiment with the Delayed Start function.

This enables the system to stay dormant for all but a few hours a week. Alde says setting a 12-hour period is sufficient to stave off the damp and cold, and would also slash energy usage by 93%.

Of course, there’s every chance you’ll be using your motorhome this winter, but still don’t assume it is safe to leave the fresh water in.

This is because there remains a risk of frost damage: there could be a power cut, the gas could run out, the pitch’s circuit breaker could trip, or the bulkhead regulator could freeze. Leisure batteries could also fail.

If you are using your motorhome in the coldest months, it’s wise to invest in arctic or winter packs, if your vehicle manufacturer provides them. These include Truma EisEx regulator defroster, which prevents the bulkhead regulator from freezing, and FrostControl, which automatically dumps fresh water if the temperature drops below 4C, as well as heated onboard water tanks. If they aren’t provided as standard, the arctic or winter packs can also include underfloor heating or heated mats.

These can be retrofitted, so if you want more information on the process, call our team on: 01785 878787. In no time, you could be enjoying winter breaks without the risk of boiler breakdown.

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