Getting Your RV Air Conditioner Service And Clean

New and used motorhomes for saleGetting your motorhome or rv air conditioner service carried out regularly is an important part of maintaining your vehicle, as too is a regular cleaning programme. You can use a professional electrician if there is a specific problem or servicing requirement but many motorhome or RV owners choose to do the maintaining and cleaning themselves.

By getting your motorhome air conditioning checked you are ensuring it has as long a life span as possible. Air conditioners are expensive so you need to get the most out of them.

Moths can build nests and mould and grime can easily get in and reduce the efficiency of your air con system.

See below steps on how to check your motorhome air conditioning unit yourself:

Cleaning The System Yourself – Step By Step

  1. Remove the outside cover on top of your vehicle ( the calling)
  2. This may involve using a screwdriver to remove any screws
  3. Remove any debris or blockage
  4. Be careful when working on the roof of your motorhome. Watch out for pools of water on the top which you can easily slip on. Wear safety goggles if you have them as working with compressed air can be dangerous if it gets in your eyes
  5. The air conditioning unit will also need cleaning inside too. Make sure the filter and the louvres are cleaned using a soft bristle brush

Hidden Bacteria In The System

If there is a nasty odour coming from the air vent this can be bacteria which has set in. This bacteria is dangerous as it can spread viruses. This often happens when a motorhome has been stored away for winter and can potentially become an ideal candidate as an abode for bacteria and a potential virus carrier. Get rid of this by leaving an air con system cleaner aerosol connected. The aerosol connects to the air con unit and draws out the contents via the vehicle’s ventilation system.

In addition you should allow your air conditioning unit to run approximately every two weeks even if weather conditions do not demand it. This will keep the ducts clear of any bacteria which may start to settle.

Getting your air conditioning checked and serviced with Travelworld Motorhomes Service Team

If you feel there is a problem with your air conditioning unit (or generally want to do a full check on your vehicle’s system), that you don’t want to tackle yourself then our Service team will be more than happy to help. We have air conditioning test equipment which will check for leaks and pressure levels which can often be a result of broken pipes or seals. Problems like these can often stop your unit from cooling the vehicle properly.

If you are considering getting your air conditioning checked and think there could be a problem, or just want the once over, then please get in touch with the Travelworld Motorhome Service team today. Call us on 0844 880 4938 or make an enquiry here:

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