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The right accessories can make all the difference to your motorhome experience however you like to travel.

Latest Products

Travelworld RV keeps up-to-date with the latest products available on the market whether the subject matter be satellite systems and solar panels to the latest awnings and interior blinds.

Wide Range Of Accessories

We have a comprehensive range of motorhome accessories available to purchase. Our service team are also happy to fit and install any indoor or outdoor fixtures in the comfort of our service centre.

Please contact our service team on 0844 880 4938 to discuss your accessories enquiry.


Fiamma awnings are available in a range of colours and sizes. They are made of the latest waterproof and durable material to weather all conditions which help uphold their status as one of the most popular motorhome accessory investments.

Bike Racks

A complete range of Fiamma bike racks available for all your biking transportation needs. Bike racks which carry 4 cycles and racks designed for specific models, for example, Autotrail and Hymer motorhomes.


Ladders are very popular accessories allowing owners easy and safe access to the roof of their motorhomes enabling them to clean the air conditioning unit or erect a satellite system. Various styles and shapes are available.

Solar panels

We supply and fit a range of Roadpro solar panels allowing the modern sun-seeking motorhomer the ability to run all or some of their appliances off their eco solar-system.

Fitted Price (inc VAT)
TOW BAR (Eurpoean Motorhome)
Type Approved
None Type Approved  £                           1,183
AWNINGS (Inc Fitting Kit)
3.0m  £                           1,165
3.5m  £                           1,256
4.0m  £                           1,308
4.5m  £                           1,542
5.0m  £                           1,573
3.0m Electric  £                           2,038
3.5m Electric  £                           2,104
4.0m Electric  £                           2,164
4.5m Electric  £                           2,368
Fitting Kit
2-bike  £                               466
3-bike  £                               513
Cat 1 Alarm  £                               714
Tracker  £                               499
Tracker Subscription (12 months)  £                               178  £478 (life)
7″ Snooper Sat Nav Head unit  £                           1,238
Reversing camera (Twin camera) *  £                               799
Basic Reversing Camera & Monitor  £                               899
Extra Socket (Each)  £                               135
Solar Panel 150w  £                               868
Leisure Battery 85  £                               127
Leisure Battery 110  £                               145
External BBQ Point  £                               186
D-Lock/Handle  £                               312
Parking Sensors  £                               448
Hook up lead (10 Mtr)  £                                 45
Radio/CD (DAB)  £                               421
TV/ Satalite
16″ LCD TV Freeveiw/DVD Combi  £                               642
19″ LCD TV Freeveiw/ DVD Combi  £                               706
Directional Aerial  £                               387
Oyster Satellite (Auto skew twin LNB)  £                           2,850
Oyster Satellite (Auto skew single LNB)  £                           2,622
Dome Sat System (Auto)  £                           1,756
GasLow inc bottles  £                               735
Calor Gas Refill agreement  £                           34.27
6kg Lite Propane Gas  £                           25.14
6kg Propane Gas  £                           22.84
13kg Propane Gas  £                           30.58
Supa Guard (European)  £                               599
Supa Guard (American)  £                               799
* Must be combine with Snooper Sat Nav system or monitor

An approved dealership

The NCC Approved Dealership scheme embraces the respective Tourer and Motorhome Consumer Codes of Practice and establishes a benchmark for industry best practice.