Essential Steps to Planning a Motorhome Touring Holiday

It’s the freedom of being able to go where you want and do what you want which appeals to so many motorhome owners. It’s certainly possible to drop everything and head off for the weekend, but a bit of planning in advance will make for a more relaxing motorhome touring holiday experience.

Site Reservations For A Motorhome Touring Holiday

In the off season, you’ll have no problem just turning up at a campsite and getting a space. That’s not the case in the peak season though, so if you’ve got your heart set on a fortnight going from one gorgeous Cornish beach to the next, get your spaces reserved. This is especially important if you have specific requirements about what you need from a campsite or just prefer to know in advance where you’re going to be staying. If a site is full when you initially try to book, leave them your details and ask them to let you know if a space becomes available – you have the flexibility to chance plans at short notice.

Online Shopping

If you’re planning on staying on a site for a few days, think about doing an online shop with the nearest big supermarket and have it delivered to the site after you arrive. Most large supermarkets are happy to do this, and it means you’re not carrying lots of food with you from home, or rushing off to find a shop when you start your holidays. Some campsites will also provide a welcome pack of the basics you’ll need to get you started, but this often works out quite a lot more expensive than organising it yourself.

Check the Vehicle Over

If your motorhome hasn’t moved off the drive since last summer, then take the time to check it over to make sure it’s in full working order before you hit the road. Make sure your tyres have no strange bulges or marks, there’s plenty tread, your lights are all working properly and you’ve checked things like the oil and screenwash. If you’re not confident in doing basic mechanical checks then book the car in with the local mechanic well in advance of your trip. Consider taking out breakdown cover if you don’t have it already – nothing ruins a motorhome touring holiday more than a breakdown.

Plan for the Weather

The one thing which can be said about the British weather is that it isn’t predictable. You might not want to think about bad weather when you’re planning your days on the beach and eating outside at a barbecue, but having some ideas up your sleeve for bad weather is a wise idea. Research what museums, swimming pools, historic buildings and other facilities there are within easy reach, especially if you’re travelling with children. Pack some simple games, jigsaws and puzzles to whip out if it starts raining, and pack clothes to account for all weathers. On the other hand, if a heatwave does strike, you want to be out making the most of the sun and not scrambling around looking for sunscreen or beach toys.

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