Benefits Of Professional Electrical Repairs On Your Motorhome

New and used motorhomes for saleHaving cut-price electrical repair work carried out on your motorhome can be tempting for financial reasons. However, it can often be a false economy if it means that you have to pay again to repair substandard work. Investing in a professional electrical repairs where an electrician who can provide you with a guarantee of safe and top quality work will pay dividends for the future health and safety of your motorhome.

If you are having electrical work carried out on your motorhome then you will need an electrician to produce a licence in order to carry out the work legitimately. A tell tail sign that a person may not be up to the job is if they cannot produce this licence.

Recent Case Highlights The Need For Professional Motorhome Electricians

A recent case in New Zealand reported by the Taranki News revealed that unauthorised work had been carried out on a motorhome and when inspected by a certified electrician dangerous and faulty wiring work was discovered and the electrician and he reported it. The electrician was found to have carried out unauthorised and the case resulted in a conviction relating to a breach of the Electrical Act.

John Sickles from the Electrical Workers registration Board in New Zealand says that all work on motorhomes should be done by a professional. He said: “You can’t go around doing it willy-nilly,”

Having to have your motorhome re-repaired can ultimately cost owners a lot of money and time and if your problem occurs while you are touring, it can potentially ruin a holiday.

John Sickles also says the problem is that it is difficult to spot unauthorised electrical work unless you have a trained eye. He added: “Provided things are operating, you are probably thinking it’s safe but a lot of the time it may not be safe and that’s where the problems come in. That’s the danger of it.”

Motorhome Electrical Safety In The UK

The dangers of carrying out unauthorised electrical work are of course, not limited to New Zealand; the risks of faulty wiring in motorhomes are universal and can have serious health and safety implications.

Three year National Caravan Council approval certificates usually come with all new motorhomes and this covers electrical installations.

Motorhome industry experts advise that you should have all of your electricity installations checked thoroughly by a qualified electrical engineer.

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) can be issued when you have had a check carried out by an Approved Workshop. The Electrical Safety Council says it is recommended you have one of these tests carried out every 3 years.

Getting Your Motorhome Repaired At Travelworld

If there is a problem with your electrical system in your motorhome or something electrical that you are unsure of then our team of trained technicians at Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld have a dedicated service centre can help you with it.

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