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Christmas Motorhome Gift Ideas

Christmas Motorhome Gift Ideas

The ultimate motorhome Christmas gift list has arrived! Whether you are shopping for the uncompromising perfectionist, the device magnet, the bike-loving brigade, the wine lover or the cosy home-maker, Travelworld Motorhome has it all this year. Have a peep at our Christmas present gift guide fit for a motorhome king.

The Hot Drink Devotee

‘Shall we have a cup of tea?’ ‘Are you putting the kettle on?’ are words that fall readily from this person’s lips. If you know one of these individuals, then we think they would simply love the WAECO PerfectCoffee. It comes ready to connect to 12 or 24 volts and is suitable for installation to the wall or floor. The WAECO PerfectKitchen kettle is also an option and it comes with a range of installation options.

The Clean Bean

If you know someone who winces at a lone cup left on the draining board or recoils at the thought of bread crumbs on the carpet, then our WAECO vacs could be right up their street. One of our favourites is the WAECO PowerVac PV 100 which is a cordless, battery powered, wet/dry vacuum cleaner with a 12 volt rechargeable battery and an 18 minute operating time. The CV 2400 is specifically designed for motorhome vacuuming and can be easily stored in small spaces.


The Wine Aficionado

Our superb range of Dometic refrigeration products are not exclusive to the wine-connoissueur we all have down on our Christmas list. One of wine’s most favourite complements is a motorhoming excursion and as such, the refrigeration range is hugely popular with all kinds of motorhomer.

Dometic is known for its absorption technology which keeps your wine at the right temperature using compressor technology. It is the only technology that is vibration and noise-free and provides constant temperatures throughout the year as well as offering protection against UV rays and requiring low energy. Holidaymakers can store red, white and sparkling wine at the required drinking temperature and some models offer two different temperature zones.

  • Dometic MaCave S17G has two temperature zones; dynamic cooling mode; locking glass door; temperature compensating mode for winter; digital display; adjustable feet for height change; carbon filter and humidity reservoir; blue LED interior lighting
  • Dometic MaCave S24G – this model has one tempetature zone; humidity reservoir; blue LED interior lighting; slide-out wooden shelves; glass door; digital temperature display
  • Dometic MaCave ST198D is a large capacity fridge with a temperature range of +5 degrees to + 22 degrees Celsius. It can be used either as a stand alone unit or it can be built in. It features digital display; blue LED interior lighting; modern design; interchangeable door hinges; dynamic cooling mode; activated carbon filter and carbon filter

The Fitness Fanatic

New for 2016, is the Hymer E-bike, its first motorised motorcycle. It has a low weight os 21 kilograms as well as:

  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Start assist/push assist
  • Wide tyres
  • Folding pedals
  • LED lights
  • Ergonmic handlebar grips
  • Folding handlebars
  • Saddlebag with strap
  • Bosch 400Wh rechargeable battery
  • Gears – 10 speed Shimano Deore Derailleur

Laundry Lover

If you have a friend who is bananas about bedding or overly keen on comfort then they might be interested in the new 2016 Hymer fitted sheet. It is made up of polyester, cotton and elastane to create the perfect combination of workable comfort and stand the test of lots of washing. It can be used on French bed/double bed; king size bed/pul down bed and twin beds.

Your Little People

Let’s not forget this kids this Christmas! Children love nothing more than making dens and camping so…. the child’s bunk could be perfect, ticking the practical and fun boxes on your next camping trip. The bed can be put together in minutes and works by hooking onto handles in the Fiat cab model. Size-wise it is 140 cm (w) 10 cm (h) and 10 c (d). It weighs approximately 7.5 kg and has a matching mattress pad as an option.

The Perfectionist

The Hymer reversing camera is ‘perfect’ for perfectionists who like to get their motorhome maneuvering down to a fine art. The camera is integrated into the 3rd brake light and is the same colour as the vehicle. Optimum field of vision is provided with the cameras, making maneuvers easy – four infrared sensors for night vision – available as single or double camera versions – each coming with microphone as standard

The Organiser

For those who like a little order in their lives, the flexible garage storage system, also new for 2016, is a welecome addition to your motorhome. Designed to help organise your holiday, the system consists of a modular, full extension so you don’t have to clamber into the garage for loading and unloading (includes clothes rail and is available in metallic grey and matt black).

The Device Buff

If you know someone who turns into a device-less mess when they do not have their tech-toy to hand, then give them a superb update this year with the Blaupunkt Media Navigation System. The Bodensee 845 multimedia device has been especially created for Hymer. It features: DVD player; USB and SDHC, AV1 inputs; DAB ready; free card update in the first year. One of the most stand-out features of this product is the radio tuner with software created for motorhomes which allows you to input vehicle specific data to Hymer’s dealer network.

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