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Motorhome windscreens

The windscreen of your motorhome is integral to the structure of your vehicle with up to 75% of the structural rigidity of the vehicle transfers through this part of the unit.

For a fast, efficient service please call Annabel on 07971 545683 or use the windscreen enquiry form below.

Annabel Edwards at Travelworld Windscreens can assist you with quotations for and supply of all replacement front windscreens and side windows, whether plastic or glass, for any type of American (RV), Hymer, Carado, Dethleffs, Hymer Car or Niesmann + Bischoff motorhomes.

To be installed in our state of the art new service centre, delivered directly to you, or delivered and installed at your own address.

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For a fast, efficient service please call Annabel on 07971 545683 or use the windscreen enquiry form below.

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Major causes of windscreen damage

Loose stone and gravel on poorly maintained roads can cause chips. These chips attract moisture which causes expansion and contraction within the glass, resulting in grooves which can increase in size, sometimes covering the whole screen.

If the temperature inside the vehicle is considerably warmer than the outside then expansion occurs on the inside of the glass and contraction on the outside, resulting in cracks.

Hail can cause significant, often, multiple cracks and holes which can leave the screen impossible to repair.

Chipping repairs on your windscreen

As the major cause of windscreen damage it is imperative to address chip and crack problems as soon as you can, however minor they appear. As well as causing repair work it can devalue your motorhome if it is on the market.

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By adopting a practical approach to your motorhome travel you can reduce the risk of cracking your windscreen. However, it is easy to misjudge the condition of a road or simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time when a stone chip flies through the air. Many owners believe that insurance will cover this but it is advisable to check your policy as sometimes windscreen damage is not included in your cover.

You can help yourself by cleaning wiper blades often, preventing a collection of dirt contacting your windshield which can be scraped across by your wipers when they are in use. Raising the blades when your motorhome is in storage and allowing them to rest on a soft surface like a sponge will also prevent holes developing.

Also, close all windows to stop wind pressure from breaking glass.

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