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Goldschmitt Chassis Components

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Since we started working with Goldschmitt our service team at Travelworld Motorhomes has been asked many questions about the benefits of Goldschmitt products and what the different systems provide.

Below we have detailed some of most popular Goldschmitt chassis component products and what they are used for.

What Are Full Air Suspension Systems?

High capacity air suspension springs replace standard ones with a full air suspension system. AirDrive Control (ADC) is used for controlling the springs which can be used in accordance with a versatile touch control unit or optional button module. ADC can both raise and lower the vehicle. If a gentle journey is required then this system is a must.

What Are Auxiliary Air Springs?

Auxiliary air springs are designed to assist with a standard steel-spring suspension. They are made from high-quality springs which allow for varying degrees of loads placed on your vehicle. The permitted payload is 2500 kg and if this is not enough there is room for an increase for popular models and vehicles.

What Are Front And Rear Axles?

For vehicles that have an emphasis of weight on the front axle, there can be damage caused by the stress on this part of the vehicle and journeys can become hard and uncomfortable. This discomfort can be greatly improved upon with strengthened coil springs from Goldschmitt, meaning that uneven road surfaces are fully compensated for. For motorhomes with high rear axle loads you can use additional steel springs which support the original springs. Sagging is significantly decreased and the impact of side winds is greatly reduced.

What Are Leaf springs For The Rear Axle?

Leaf springs for the rear axle are made from high-end steel and rolled spring ends which help reduce the impact of side winds and make for tighter handling. They are easily installed and are low maintenance. An additional leaf can help considerably with sagging spring assemblies.

How Do Anti-roll bars Work?

As the name suggests, anti-roll bars reduce the rolling of a vehicle body when taking a corner. Better driving safety results and there is less susceptibility from side winds. The reinforced chassis means that rocking or pitching on badly surfaced roads is diminished which also helps prevent against damage to your vehicle.

What Are Spacers?

Spacers are designed to reduce susceptibility to side winds and rolling. They support the suspension of your vehicle and enhance directional stability. They also provide an enhanced appearance for your motorhome.

What Are Aluminium Rims?

Goldschmitt aluminium rims also enhance the appearance of your vehicle as well as assisting with the handling. They will also help increase your motorhome’s weight rating.

What Is Uprating?

There are laws in the UK that specify you can only carry a certain weight on your vehicle. If your vehicle is overloaded then you will be breaking the law. If you increase your vehicle’s weight rating then you can ensure you are carrying the permissible weight. This uprating can be done if you install an additional spring to increase your axle load. Uprating is also possible with spring leaves, coil springs, auxiliary springs and full air springs.

Goldschmitt At Travelworld

Travelworld is proud to be working with one of the market leading manufacturers of spring systems and jack systems for motorhomes. If you would like to know more about what is the best kind of suspension solution for your needs then please do not hesitate to contact our aftersales department on 0844 880 4938.



Auxilliary Air Springs


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